Kaedy Kiely - Afternoon Drive Host for 97.1 The River - is the driving force behind Marcy’s Mulligan.  Kaedy is a cancer survivor and was a dear friend of Marcy Scott, the inspiration behind our efforts.

Georgia native, Marcy was the Director of Marketing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for almost 10 years. The UGA grad fought a courageous battle with cancer that ended November 1, 2013. Kaedy and a group of friends decided they had to do something in honor of Marcy and their lost loved ones.

Marcy’s Mulligan was organized to raise funds for the support and need of cancer patients and their caretakers in Georgia.  We are pleased to partner with The Atlanta Motor Speedway, whose Speedway Children's Charities cares for children in educational, financial, social, and medical need to help them lead productive lives. Our joint efforts are focused on children with cancer.

Organizing Committee – friends of Marcy and others who have had loved ones affected by cancer.
All are committed to raising funds for cancer wellness.

Holly Berney, in memory of my grandfather, Robert William Seymour, my dear friends Elise and Stuart Gould, and my beloved husband Joe. In honor of my beautiful sister-in-law Kaedy.

Susan Calderon, in memory of my dad, renal cell cancer, love you dad!

Tracy Carmony, for Marcy, an amazing woman and even better friend.  I miss you every day.

Lisa Curles, in memory of my sweet mom, ovarian cancer, she was "The Best"

Mallory deGolian, in memory of my aunt, Doll deGolian Sullivan and family friend, Ronnie Bell, and in thanks for my Mom and Aunt Charlotte's good health :)

Kriston Glushko-Stilley, I am here as one of the many people who can not say "no" to Kaedy Kiely. Ok, you can try say no, but you don't stand a chance.

Karen Gold, in memory of my dear friends Debbie Flamm and Steve Franco. : ) 

Stasia Kelly, for Jennifer, Stephanie, Barb and Mike, who inspire my life daily; in support of unwavering work for the cures.

Kaedy Kiely, in memory of Marcy Scott, my dear big brother Joe, Anita Gardner, and in honor of my PINK sisters..

Terri Kight I am doing this in honor of my close friend who lost her battle with triple negative breast cancer, Lisa Smith, and in honor of a dear friend who is a survivor, Michael Bryan.

Kelly Miller, for my dear friend and breast cancer survivor Kaedy and other women to help them through their cancer journey.

Dave Miller, for my Dad, Karl Miller --- cancer takes too many lives.

Angie Perryman  In memory of my godmother, Marie Flanary, breast cancer and in honor of my mother in law, Pat Perryman, breast cancer survivor.

Charlotte Scott, As the mother of Marcy, I want to honor our precious, vivacious, generous girl who would be so proud to know she is continuing to help others. We love and miss her so much each and every day!

Since our founding in 2014, we are even more determined to continue our efforts in memory of three of our beloved founding members: Chris Chandler, Joseph Kiely, and Judy Kiely.